Joint CSIR UGC NET Engineering Sciences Guide By R. Gupta

Table of Contents

Joint CSIR UGC NET Test Paper (Solved)
Joint CSIR UGC NET Mathematics & Engineering Aptitude
1. Linear Algebra
2. Calculus
3. Complex Variables
4. Vector Calculus
5. Ordinary Differential Equation
6. Probability
7. Solid Body Motion & Fluid Motion
8. Energetics
9. Electron Transport
10. Electromagnetics
11. Materials
Joint CSIR UGC NET Computer Science & Information Technology
1. Basic Discrete Mathematics
2. Digital Functions
3. Computer Organisation And Architecture
4. Programming And Data Structure
5. Algorithms
6. Operating System
7. Databases
8. Information System And Software Engineering
Joint CSIR UGC NET Electrical Sciences 
1. Electric Circuits And Fields
2. Electrical Machines: Magnetic Circuits
3. Power Systems
4. Control Systems
5. Power Electronics And Drives
Joint CSIR UGC NET Electronics 
1. Analog Circuits And Systems
2. Digital Systems And Circuits
3. Signals And Systems
4. Communications
Joint CSIR UGC NET Materials Science 
1. Structure
2. Diffusion
3. Metals And Alloys
4. Ceramics, Polymers And Composites
5. Material Characterisation Tools
6. Material Properties
7. Environmental Degradation

Joint CSIR UGC NET Fluid Mechanics 
1. Fluid Properties
2. Kinematics
3. Control Volume Based Analysis
4. Potential Flow
5. Dimensional Analysis
6. Viscous Flow
7. Boundary Layers
8. Measurements
Joint CSIR UGC NET Solid Mechanics 
1. Study Materials With Mcqs
Joint CSIR UGC NET Thermodynamics
1. Basic Concepts
2. First Law Of Thermodynamics
3. Second Law Of Thermodynamics
4. Properties Of Pure Substances
5. Thermodynamics Relations
6. Thermodynamic Cycles
7. Ideal Gas Mixtures

Details of Book: Joint CSIR UGC NET: Engineering Sciences Guide

Book: Joint CSIR UGC NET: Engineering Sciences Guide
Author: R. Gupta






Publishing Date: 2012
Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House
Number of Pages: 776
Language: English


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